About Us

We are a Research and Development Company of Flight Systems and Weapon Systems

 Our Goal is Education in Facility and Personal Security 

We Partner with Businesses and Researchers to Quickly Deliver the most reliable Equipment

 and easy to Use Systems

 economic in cost 

High performance Unmanned Aircraft Systems

And Weapon Systems

We Train For a wide Variety of applications and Markets

We Educate in Manned and  Unmanned Flight Surveillance Systems

Performing Fully Autonomous Patrol Missions 

Our Company Utilizes a Large Range of Thermal Night Vision Equipment / Handheld / Weapon Mounted / Tower Cam / Air Flight Systems  Depending on your needs

Our Customers Range from Small and Large Ranches to Neighborhoods / Shipping Companies / Large Commercial Industrial Facilities 

Its Simple Our Concerns and  Interests are your Safety And Protection of your Company Assets 

Allow Us To Assist In Your Security Needs

Feel Free To Give Us A Call